Your Values. Your Voice.

Your neighbors, of all walks-of-life, want their voice heard and fully endorse Linda Paulson. We need your voice and your values to be respected. Now.

Please join us in voting for Linda Paulson for Utah State Senate District 12. Thank you!


Laura Dixon
Constitutional Scholar and Teacher

Linda Paulson is a True Patriot who understands Constitutional principles from the viewpoint of our Founders. They gave us a powerful template for self-governance which when properly understood can bring about the full expression of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Having Linda as a Senator for our great state will help us to stay on that course that they so nobly advanced.

Stephen R. Christiansen
Utah House of Representatives

"Linda will tenaciously support the US and Utah constitutions and Utah families in her service in the legislature.  She will protect the sanctity of life and individual liberties, and will fight for limited government.  She appreciates the service of law enforcement and honors the rule of law.  She will make the sacrifices needed as a servant of the people, and never compromise her principles!"

Susan Griffith
Taylorsville, Utah

I have lived next door to Linda Paulson for forty years.  We walk and talk five days a week.  We know each other very well.  I endorse her candidacy for Utah Senate in District 12.  I know her to be of the highest level of integrity, honesty, and intelligence.  She knows the constitution and will stand for every right given to "the people" in that document.  She will stand fast for the betterment of educations for the children in our schools, as well as the rights of unborn children.  She would be a great asset to the senate and the constituents of our district.

JoAnn DeLange
West Valley City, Utah

As a long-time resident and an active participant in its incorporation, I have always felt that the success of West Valley City depended on its representatives.  That is why I am excited to support Linda Paulson as a District 12 Senator.  Linda has always exhibited an enthusiastic attitude over all her many undertakings.  She is unique finisher, concerned about the right path and the best way to achieve it.  I encourage you to vote for Linda.

Connie Ward
Taylorsville, Utah

Linda Paulson sees something that need to be done, and she is doing it 110%.  Her strong values in God, Family, and Constitution make her my choice for the Senate District 12 senate.  We see her work in on-going community projects to strengthen and unify our neighborhoods.  She is mother to 9 incredibly motivated children who are leaders in their residential areas.  She is a hard worker, dedicated organizer and a self- starter with leadership and people skills.  She is a woman of courage and is determined to keep her strong values in leading our District 12 and the State of Utah to uphold the constitution.  I am excited she is running for office, and I am voting for her.

David B Richardson
Taylorsville, Utah

I fully endorse Linda Paulson in her quest to serve on the Utah State Senate. My wife introduced me to Linda and Fred about four years ago as we attended U.S. Constitution classes together. She has a solid foundation for upholding the Constitution and stands for the conservative principles our founding fathers intended for our country. She has faith in a Divine Creator and supports protections for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness we value. She is a true patriot and will represent the citizens of her district honorably.

Dawn Bates
United Women's Forum,
Salt Lake Chapter

Linda Paulson is not a politician but a person committed to searching out "truth" and acting on it. She is interested in understanding all sides of an issue and will take the time to study those issues and make sound liberty-based decisions. It takes courage to run for elected office and to do it for the right reason--serving your fellow citizens with no personal motive but to honestly represent them. She understands the time-tested, foundational principles of liberty and good government and will apply that knowledge to represent her constituents. 

We need a person of integrity and honesty like Linda Paulson in the Utah State Legislature!

Jenny Peterson
Age 39, District 12
Small Business Owner

I have known Linda Paulson for over 30 years. She is a caring, hard-working, patriotic and a trustworthy woman. Linda deeply cares for our state and country. There is no one I could think of with more honorable and passionate character than Linda. We need a voice in Utah politics. A conservative voice. We need someone to stand up for our personal freedoms and the current representative of District 12 is in direct conflict with my values on several key points. We need Linda Paulson.

Greg and Susan Marchant
Murray School Council Member and District 12 Resident

We are Taylorsville residents and parents of 5 children, 3 of whom are still in public schools. Linda Paulson has our complete support as the best candidate for State Senate District 12. Linda is a person of integrity, enthusiasm, patriotism, and principle. She will stand up against counterproductive policies that will hurt the family, harm children, and restrict personal and religious freedom. She will fight against indoctrination and grooming of children, she will be a powerful advocate for the unborn, she will oppose any measures that would subject girls/women to unfair competition against biological boys, and she will always stand up for our Constitutional rights...

Shirley Hendricks
Taylorsville, Utah

I have known Linda for several years. We took a constitution class together and she was so excited to learn all she could about the Founding Fathers, Bill of Rights, the Constitution. She is a great patriot and loves our state and country. She was eager to teach her family to know and love the constitution as well. We will be well served by Linda.

Scott Burton
District 12 Small Business Owner

I know Linda to be a person of good integrity who cares about community not career. She stands and fights for the values that build and edify all individuals and will stand firm in defense of truth. I am pleased she is willing to serve and she has my full support.

Richard and Amy Moffat
Salt Lake City, Utah

We know Linda to be a person of the highest principles and integrity who will listen to and serve her constituents well!

Kay Burrows
District 12 Citizen

For those of you that don't know Linda's story, she is a senior citizen that on the Friday at the last minute when she seen that Karen was going to run unopposed she stepped up. Let's help!

Lacey LaBaron
Age 30, Taylorsville, Utah

Linda Paulson is a strong supporter of the United States constitution, she believes that the role of the government is to uphold the constitution; and that politicians are accountable to the people. She is also a supporter of women's and girl's rights, it is important to Linda that girls have the fair opportunity to compete against other biological girls in sports. Most importantly she is prolife, supporting the right of children to be safely born. She has been an active part of the community for many years and represents the values and beliefs of this area.